Easingwold Players: New Production: “Our Day Out”

Book by Willy Russell
Music and lyrics by Bob Eaton, Chris Mellor and Willy Russell.

Director: Sandie Tanner-Smith
Musical Director: Jessa Liversidge
Choreographer: Vicky Abbiss.

Playing at the GEC from Wed 16th- Sat 19th November at 7.30 pm inc Sat matinee 2.30

Rehearsals officially start on Monday 5th September and we will be rehearsing on MONDAYS, THURSDAYS and some SUNDAYS.

Mrs Kay’s unruly Progress Class is unleashed from the classroom for the day to pile into a bus for a one-off school trip to Alton Towers until grumpy Mr Briggs gets on board and decides Conway Castle is a more suitable venue; trouble ensues as the kids boisterously rampage through a Zoo, a roadside cafe until little Amy Chandler goes missing at the beach.

This hilarious and heart-warming tale, based on an incident in Willy Russell’s life, from the multi award-winning author of Educating Rita and Blood Brothers sees a talented young cast singing and dancing rings around their fraught teachers. A joyous celebration of the trials and tribulations of growing up.


Helen Kay – The ‘Mother Hen’ teacher of the ‘Progress Class’ genuinely wants the best for her kids; she understands their problems whether they be social, learning, emotional, physical or economic. She’s like the best Primary School teacher you ever had but can she manage them when they are let loose on the school trip?

John Briggs – Deputy Head Teacher, disciplinarian, old fashioned and seemingly heartless. It’s a bit of a dampener when he decides to join the school trip. SINGS.

Mark – Young teacher mentored by Mrs Kay. Caring but a bit shy and awkward – especially when confronted by the sassy duo, Carly and Jackie. SINGS.

Katie – Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) is engaged to MARK (above) quietly confident and proves more than a match for her would be suitors Reilly and Digga. SINGS.

Ronnie Sutcliffe – Bus driver ‘Boss of his bus’ local, world weary and hates kids for the mess they make of his bus until Mrs Kay puts him straight. In his dreams he’s the King of Rock’n’Roll. SINGS.

Les – Lollipop man with a cataracts and a character. Only 1 scene so can be doubled with
Zoo Keeper – understandably upset when the Progress Group steal all the rabbits from the Petting Zoo – 1 scene.

Pupils – Secondary age but if you look like a Year 7 you can audition!

Moles, Gonzo, Stack, Eunice, Kelly, Sean, Britney, Milton, Caitlin, Georgia, Abi, Kath, Taylor, Oliver, Maurice, Kevin, Sophie, Ronson, Aaron – Years 7-11 all have lines and sing ensemble. Please be aware that there is some swearing in the play. All the accents are Liverpool.

Amy Chandler – Year 7-9 vulnerable, genuine. SINGS. In every scene but one.
Carly – Year 11-13 Sassy and confident. SINGS.
Jackie – Year 11-13 Sassy and confident. SINGS.
Reilly – Year 11-13 Confident and gobby. SINGS.
Digga – Year 11-13 Confident and Gobby. MIGHT SING
Chloe – Year 9-11 Socially awkward and easily bored. SINGS.
Zoe – Year 9-11 Socially awkward and easily bored. SINGS.


Sunday 10th July – afternoon and early evening (venue to be decided)

Workshop with music and movement for anyone wanting to be a pupil 2-4.
Anyone wanting to be a pupil with more lines and a larger role can stay – please prepare a song and bring accompanying backing track or contact Jessa who may be able to help. Be prepared to stay till 5.30.

Adult roles – we will be reading scenes from the play together from 6-8 Please bring a short prepared song – not needed for Mrs Kay.

Any questions please contact Sandie on 07989 232693, on FB or sandie@tanner-smith.co.uk