The Clock helps Austin Reed’s staff

Following the news that Austin Reed was closing – The Clock has taken action to support those affected by the closure.

On 13 July it played host to an information event to enable people to drop in and find out more about employment opportunities in the area, benefits that may be available and training opportunities.

The event was attended by Pensionwise, North Yorkshire County Council’s Adult Learning and Skills team, Hambleton District Council’s Benefits and Business teams, National Careers Service, Jobcentre Plus and The Clock’s own Careers and Jobsearch staff and local businesses including Tesco’s recruitment team.

Abigail, Chief Executive of The Clock, comments ‘a number of people had contacted The Clock to ask for help and it became apparent that many, who had worked for Austin Reeds since leaving school, didn’t know where to start in finding the help they required. That’s when we decided to invite a number of partners to Thirsk so that Austin Reed’s staff could find out more about the support that is available to them.’
There was a good turnout and feedback has been very positive. One comment from an attendee said ‘I didn’t know where to start, I can’t believe you (The Clock) are on my doorstep and I didn’t know that you did all this’, whilst another said ‘thank you so much for your help, things seem much clearer for me now.’

For more information about The Clock visit or call 01845 524494.