New cemetery opens in Ripon

A new cemetery, a little way up Little Harries Lane (off Kirby Road) in Ripon, has been officially opened by Councillor Nigel Simms, the Mayor of the District of Harrogate and Councillor Pauline McHardy, the Mayor of Ripon.

Work started on the 3.6 acre site in 2013 following substantial investigation works to identify a suitable location. The cemetery, which has space for over 600 full burial plots, will provide enough burial provision for around 35 years at the current burial rate. There is also space to develop a second phase in the future.

Ripon Cemetary
The cemetery has additional space for cremation remains plots, as well as an area proposed for woodland burials, offering a natural burial ground option. A rainwater harvesting system has been installed to minimise the impact on the environment and will provide visitors with water through two traditional water pumps.

Councillor Nigel Simms, the Mayor of the District of Harrogate said: “With the cemetery on Kirkby Road in Ripon close to becoming full it was important that we addressed this problem. People should have the choice as to whether they wish to be buried of cremated and the creation of this new cemetery will ensure that we will not face a shortage of burial spaces in the future.”

Councillor Pauline McHardy, the Mayor of Ripon said: “This new cemetery will provide burial space for the residents of Ripon for many years. It has been completed to a very high standard and anyone who visits will be pleased to see what has been achieved. This cemetery occupies a very peaceful setting for families and friends to pay their respects to their loved ones, and I would like to thank everyone involved in this project for their hard work.”

Harrogate Borough Council operates 10 cemeteries and a crematorium across the district and are responsible for 14 closed churchyards.

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