New vision for volunteering in York and North Yorkshire launched

This Volunteers Week (1 – 7 June) plans have been unveiled to make volunteering in North Yorkshire’s communities more recognised, visible and valued.

The VCSE Strategic Leaders’ Group, made up of chief officers of key third sector organisations operating in York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding, has launched the ‘York and North Yorkshire Volunteering Strategy’ which aims to set the scene for volunteering over the next five years across the region.

The Strategy sets out four clear aims:
• To provide every individual with the opportunity to volunteer
• To make volunteering more recognised, visible and valued
• To ensure that all organisations can deliver an quality volunteering experience and benefit in return
• To offer effective support to individual volunteers and to organisations providing volunteering opportunities

“Volunteering is widely recognised in today’s society as being hugely important to the well-being of local communities. With heightened awareness nationally of the need for more community led services, the VCSE Strategic Leader’s Group felt it was important to take steps to grow volunteering in North Yorkshire,” said VCSE Strategic Leaders’ Group member, Mel Bonney-Kane, Chief Executive of Coast & Vale Community Action (CAVCA)

Mel continues: “We want people and organisations to recognise the professionalism and high quality of services offered by the voluntary sector. With continued cuts in public services, there has been a significant rise in demand for voluntary services. Volunteering has never been more important to the quality of life experienced by local communities. However, it is essential that the right support is out there both for volunteers and for the organisations offering the volunteering opportunity, and that’s where Volunteer Centres can help.”

The Strategy looks at ways of offering different volunteering options to meet individual needs such as supported volunteering for individuals with a disability or additional support needs; or home-based volunteering where an individual can volunteer from home; another option to be explored is one-off volunteering where volunteers undertake a one-off piece of work such as helping at an event.

If you are interested in volunteering or have a volunteering opportunity within your organisation which you wish to promote, please contact your local Volunteer Centre. Information about the Volunteer Centres in York and North Yorkshire can be found here >